[AE] FilmConvert Nitrate色彩分级AE插件V3.0.4版

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本软件是关于FilmConvert Nitrate色彩分级AE插件V3.0.4版,大小:460 MB,支持AE,PR,DaVinci Resolve 12.5+,支持Win系统,语言:英语。
FilmConvert Pro 是一款将数字摄影机拍摄的素材色彩转换成胶片色彩的工具,可作为独立程序,也可以作为第三方插件,插件可调整曝光,色温,添加颗粒等,颜色三色轮,二级调色等其他属性。支持3D LUT预设文件导出和保存预设, 适用素材 RED,DSLR,MOV等素材 ,内置多种胶片预设,8MM-35MM 镜头噪点设置,操作流程简单,支持4K输出.
Camera profiles
We work with a wide range of popular cameras to deliver the most precise picture profiles available. We then use those profiles to match to your chosen film stocks to create a stunning and accurate result.
Our Camera Packs contain accurate data for each Camera Picture Style so we can tailor each film stock to your camera, allowing authentic Film Stock looks across a wide range of cameras and settings. We continue to work directly with camera companies to bring you the latest profiles.
Your FilmConvert license gives you access to all the camera packs currently available + 12 months of new camera pack updates.
Real Film Grain
Add real grain to your footage, scanned at 6k.
Unlike other plugins that simply overlay film grain, FilmConvert realistically models the amount of grain required for each color and exposure level in your image.
19 Film Stocks to choose from
With the majority of people shooting on digital these days, film makers are striving to achieve the desirable qualities of film stocks when grading in post. Often, this requires a good team of colorists, however we bridge that process for everyone! We recreate the grain structure and spectral responses of a variety of modern film stocks, from Kodak® to FujiFilm®.
Create and export 3D LUTs using FilmConvert
LUTs are a great way to export your grade for use on devices or any compatible software. Here are some ways this can help improve your workflow.
You can use 3D LUTs on your monitor for on-set visualization. View on your monitor the look you will apply during post-production.
You can load 3D LUTs into most color-grading software, which can be useful in workflows where plugin support is limited.
You can export a 3D LUT to share your grade with others working on your film.
You can export your grade as a .cube LUT from any non-trial plugin version of FilmConvert. You cannot currently export .cube LUTs from the desktop app version at this time.
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